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At Cochrane Quality Blinds, we understand the importance of design and creating a space that captures life’s moments. Your home is where you make memories with your family, celebrate milestones in life, and relax after long days at work. Why not decorate it to reflect those values? We carry our Symphony Collection because these blinds are meant for people who want their homes to be beautiful spaces that bring them joy every day as they come through its doors.


Cellular shades are an innovative and stylish option for controlling your home’s temperature while saving energy.
If you're looking for the best way to customize your home, look no further than custom cellular window blinds. These professionally produced products are made to follow any shape or size of opening.
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Roller Shades are a great way to control light and privacy in your home. They're easy to use, they come in many different colors, styles, sizes and materials.
We're pleased to offer professional installation of custom window coverings by our expert staff.
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Woods/faux woods

An investment in quality, our wood blinds are a premium product.

Unsurpassed Durability

For the best looking windows in your home, our wood blinds are a must. They're available in any size and color you need to fit into your interior decorating scheme.
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Convenient shade control is at your hands. Graber developed an app exclusively for Graber Shades. Simple set up and easy to use, the Motorization App is a fully integrated experience that makes life easier.


Motorization is a really great option for the shades in your home. It's easy to install and it makes controlling them easier than ever before.
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Soft Coverings

Two layers of sheer fabric protect furniture, flooring and artwork from damaging UV rays; The supple lightweight fabric vanes overlap when closed to diffuse light or block it more completely.

Feel the Warmth

You can see that custom draperies are a great investment because they transform your home into a warm and inviting place.
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