“My, what big windows you have!”

“All the better to see things with, my dear.”

Luxury High-rise residential homes offer amazing luxury, architecture, and views. One of the common luxuries that these developments share is large and expansive windows. Although this is an amazing aesthetic, there are a few concerns that come with them.
Below we have listed the top 4 concerns one may experience in their high-rise home and the window treatments that can help address them.

1. Hard to Reach Windows

Large and expansive windows are popular in New York City high-rise spaces for a number of reasons. For instance, they allow in an abundance of natural light which is great in heavily populated locations because neighboring buildings can block the majority of sunlight. These windows also allow residents to enjoy the amazing city skyscape. High rise developments usually feature double-height/multi-story windows, floor to ceiling windows, panoramic windows, and curved windows to name a few. Since such large windows are not easily accessible, how can you install window treatments if you wanted them? Also, how can you easily adjust then once they are there? Solution: Hire a professional to install custom motorized shades or drapery. With motorized and automated window treatments, you can easily adjust your shades or drapery via a handheld remote, smart device, or voice command.

2. Lack of Privacy

When you add the large and expansive windows mentioned above with neighboring residential buildings, privacy is definitely a concern.

How can you stop peering eyes from entering your home without fully obstructing your view and still sticking to your ideal aesthetic?

Solutions: Custom shades, blinds, and drapery can do the trick. Most commonly used in spaces with large and expansive windows include roller shades (solar, privacy, and blackout shades) and custom draperies.

3. High Energy Consumption

Over 20% of cooling and heating energy is lost through windows. The larger the window, the more energy is lost, and therefore, the more you are spending to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

Solutions include solar shades, cellular shades, insulating drapery.

4. Excess Lighting and Glare

Natural lighting is a beautiful thing to harvest during the day, and the beautiful city lights are nice to enjoy at nights, but at times they can be a bit of a distraction. In the daytime, it can produce too much glare and at night can interfere with deep and restful slumbers.

Solutions: Light filtering and/or room darkening window treatments can help with this. For example, solar shades can help eliminate glare in the daytime while still allowing you to enjoy your view (depending on the opacity). Blackout or room darkening shades can help block out city lights during the night

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