• Convenient mobile app for shade control with iOS or Android devices

  • Operates up to 30 devices, which includes shades and remotes (per gateway connected to the app)

  • Controls any—and all! Graber Z-Wave Technology Shades

window blinds

Modern Style


Motorization App and Gateway

Convenient shade control is at your hands. Graber developed an app exclusively for Graber Shades. Simple set up and easy to use, the Motorization App is a fully integrated experience that makes life easier.

Motorized Wand

Latest innovation, new convenience of motorization.  

  • Sleek wand has three buttons for simple, intuitive control

  • Precisely moving shade up, down, or to a favorite saved position

  • High-quality motor with soft start-and-stop functionality delivers incredibly quiet operation 

  • All the safety benefits of cordless control with the convenience of motorization—including a breakaway feature for extra protection

  • Available in white or black for Graber Cellular, Pleated, Roller, and Solar Shades